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Music Composer - Trailer Music, Production Music

Compelling melodies with maximum emotional impact: As a composer for visual media, Christopher Marshall creates across a broad sonic and emotional spectrum. From minimal piano melodies to high-octane intensity and thunderous grandeur, his themes illuminate a vast range of dramatic possibilities.

A lifelong musician with a classical piano background, Christopher is now composing and producing a broad repertoire of music for film trailers.  Through the UK-based Protégé School, Christopher learned the structures of trailer composition, studying the parameters of the highly exacting commercial art form.


Composing on assignment to a pre-existing brief is his preferred method of creation. “It begins with defining the emotion of what the brief requires, and then devising a chord progression. I definitely let the instruments speak to me,” he notes. “Generally, a concept begins with either a cello, a French horn, or a piano. Then it is a process of iterating on this idea and to keep building.”

A Louisiana native, Christopher is a self-avowed movie music geek who grew up on a range of influences encompassing heavy rock, melodic metal, and powerful vocal harmonies, to Beethoven symphonies and the scores of John Williams. He earned his Bachelor of business administration in the Music Business program at Belmont University in Nashville. After residing in Oceanside, CA, he now makes his home in Colorado Springs where his home includes a well-equipped recording studio. Wall treatments, bass traps, high-end speakers and dramatic lighting are all components in his creative methodology. “Engaging all of the senses,” he explains.

With his debut collection, Genesis, Christopher Marshall recorded 10 full-length themes that highlight his creative capabilities. The diversity of styles showcases his compositional signature across an emotion-driven palette that illustrates a traditional musical foundation with an affinity for European classicism, meditative ambience, and an edgy modern hybrid orchestral aptitude. 

Living in the mountains of Colorado affords Christopher access to stunning panoramas that he captures in vibrant photos. These portraits of nature’s architecture might be seen as a mirror of his compositions, revealing his eye for color, contrast, and gauging the golden hour for the perfect visual crescendo with maximum dramatic impact.

As a media composer, Christopher Marshall’s shape shifting artistry is designed to complement dialogue and drama. “What resonates is the essential simplicity,” he concludes.

-- Dan Kimpel

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